Thursday, August 2, 2012

thursday's thoughts

1.) It's been confirmed. My dance moves at tonight either consist of my feet in the right motion & not arms or vice versa.

2.) : Forget next and remember now. Its a brave surrender to accept that wherever we are right now, whatever is, is just the way it ought to be.

3.) I place full blame on my addiction to and for making me have an insane desire to color coordinate my 6 y/o's b'day party.

4.) : Beijing had, like, 50,000 synchronized drummers, but go ahead and wow the world with the Spice Girls, London Olympics.

5.) Has that annoying feeling that there is something I am forgetting to do, yet my "To do" list is done...

6.) : Shopping at the dollar store makes me feel rich and poor all at the same time.

7.) Not even sure why, but I could spend hours upon hours at Party City. It's like a big kid's candy store.

8.) The most annoying sound = When a fly comes into your house and gets stuck in between the window and the blinds.

9.) : "Kristen Stewart Cheats on Robert Pattinson with Married Director:" But directors don't sparkle in daylight; HOW DO YOU CHEAT ON EDWARD?!

10.) : This drought is great. It's like having a giant Instagram filter for my lawn.

11.) My 6y/o told her pediatrician that Daddy was going to dress up as the Biebs & would be Selena Gomez at her bday slumber party. #OhYesSheDid

12.) Random confession #648: I am currently addicted to all things chevron print. Honeycomb print is fantastic as well.

13.) The crazy storm is finally over and my kids' new trampoline is still intact & functioning. *Sigh* I can finally rest these weary eyes.

14.) : I want the legs of a sprinter, the tight buns of a gymnast, the abs of a swimmer and Kate Middleton's face.

15.) All shopping for back to school supplies have been purchased. Matching book bags & lunch boxes should not excite me this much. But they do.