Wednesday, September 12, 2012

family beach trip 2012

wednesday right after the girls' school, we made our way down to gulf shores to enjoy our first family trip of the year at the beach. this year has been so incredibly busy (especially for jay) that we were all so excited to have a bit of a refresher/getaway before diving back into the chaos of getting our house packed up and ready for the move along with the kids' school and activities and the daily routine. we almost weren't able to make this trip, but bit the bullet because it was one of those "now or never" kinda situations. boy, were we glad we ended up going...we had the best time ever. it was nice not being on a schedule for once or rushing out the door for this, that, and the other. naps were had by all and everything was very "go with the flow." it was quality time together as a family with no other distractions. here's a picture of the girls when we first arrived...they were all ready for bed and stoked about sleeping on the top bunk of their own bunk beds...