Thursday, September 13, 2012

family beach trip 2012

thursday morning we woke up, ate breakfast, and started getting ready to make our way to the beach. this was jemma's very first experience with the grainy goodness and she absolutely loved it. i thought i'd be chasing her the whole time since she never sits still considering her favorite hobby nowadays is exploring and getting into everything. thankfully, she surprised us and sat in the sand just digging away with the fun beach toys. 

abby and lyla had a blast as well making their own sand castles and running into the waves then quickly running back before the cusp could reach their wee little feet. one would think they'd get bored doing such simple things over and over again, but i promise you...they could have stayed out there until the sun went down. we absolutely loved it. here are some pics...

after lunch and a much needed nap time had by all, we decided to get ready for a dinner out at the hangout. this place is very kid friendly and it was lovely coming to visit during the off season because there were absolutely no crowds, no waits, and perfect princess parking...all of which are so extremely hard to find if we had planned this trip during the peak of the season.

we ate dinner and then let the girls play on top of the huge mountain of sand located outside their patio. they made friends and chased each other in and out of the tunnel that went through the said mountain. jay and i really enjoyed watching them while we sat on the oversized touristy beach chair...which of course, yes...we took a family picture on...