Tuesday, October 2, 2012

abby lost her 1st tooth!!

So we had a very eventful night right before bed time...Abby lost her very first tooth & Lyla was the one who pulled it out!! Lol. Apparently, Lyla used the thin strap from a tank top that already had a knot in it and told big sis to bite down on it...Lyla then quickly pulled the strap and out went Abby's tooth. It went flying over the bed that we almost didn't find it. Sweet sibs were so excited that the Tooth Fairy was going to finally make her debut! The whole house was in a frenzy and her excitement was palpable. 

Lastly, Abby wanted me to make sure that the Tooth Fairy knew that Lyla helped her pull it out and where her tooth was located inside a miniature pillow that laid beside her. The Tooth Fairy was generous since it was her very first tooth and Abby is saving her money for a nice surprise later. Here are some pics...