Saturday, October 27, 2012

double date night

saturday we made plans for a double date night with jenn and matt in honor of uncle germy's north tavern hosting their first halloween party. the band "naked eskimos" played live on stage as we dance and sang to many of their cover songs. i have always enjoyed this band and was super pumped when finding out they were playing that night. see the upside of living with your mom and dad is having "built in babysitters." once the sweet munchkins were fast asleep, we snuck out for some nearby adult fun. some people dressed up in costumes and others (like us) did not. one guy we thought was dressed up as a sheriff actually was the sheriff. hehehe. that provided some good laughs, no doubt. overall, we had a blazzzast with jenn and matt and can't wait to do it again! lastly, it was kinda funny in the fact that it made me feel like a teenager again when we came home and the light was still on for us. thank you, lola...we love you!! xoxo