Saturday, October 6, 2012

happy 7th birthday, brooke!!

saturday afternoon, abby and lyla celebrated brooke's 7th birthday at a dance studio. the girls knew it was a "justin beiber" themed dance party, but they had no idea that the beibs himself would be there (he was actually an impersonator, but let's be honest my kids don't know the difference). it was hilarious as he walked through the backdoor and started dancing to one of his songs as the girls inched their way to the backdoor because they were nervous and starstruck. it was the cutest thing. later, they all held hands with their friends and danced with beiber fever. they took a group picture and then us moms couldn't resist one for ourselves either. lol. here are some pics...
after brooke's birthday party was over, some of the girls continued the fun at a sleepover at her house. jay and i came over for a bit to watch football and the such while the girls played downstairs. stacy bought some fun message bubbles and let the girls hold some up and take pics as if it were a photo booth. all in all, she said that the girls were all well behaved and the night was a success. happy happy birthday, brooke!! xoxo