Saturday, November 3, 2012

at bebob and memom's

friday abby spent the night with her classmate and BFA, isabelle. as jenn and i were making arrangements for pick up, she invites us over to her mom and dad's house to watch the alabama game. i'm not gonna lie, i was a bit nervous being the only auburn fans in the room and this was our first time meeting their whole family. thankfully, my nerves were eased immediately upon walking through the door because they were the nicest people ever. and hilarious to boot! 

   isabelle's "bebob" (grandfather) was making me the perfect margarita and "memom" took all the kids walking outside when the game got too tense to watch. all the munchkins played great together and anybody who treats my kids like their own is wonderfully A-okay in my book. we had a blast and bama pulled off the win (thank goodness, i was worried we'd never get invited back!) lol. thank you for having us, willis family!! xoxo