Thursday, November 22, 2012

happy thanksgiving!

for thanksgiving, we started off the day like we usually do every year by traveling to mamaw's farmhouse in cullman to celebrate with my side of the family. we arrive before noon and stay till about 4:00pm until it's time to leave and head back to birmingham where we celebrate with jay's side of the family. this has always worked out really well for us. the girls love playing outside with their cousins, and the food is always delicious. another tradition we do every year is take our family pictures for my mom and dad's upcoming christmas card. these are always a lot of fun because everyone gets so silly towards the end. i absolutely adore the outtake pics that mark captured since karmie told him to "just keep snapping." here are some pics...
after a fun filled day at the farmhouse, it was time to head over for our thanksgiving celebration: round 2 at nana lin and papa john's house. we were excited to see some family that we haven't seen in awhile. auntie jess and lyla looked like the "bob"bsey twins as they posed for a pic together. russell brought a hilarious card game that no one had ever played before and it was the perfect entertainment of the evening. the cousins enjoyed playing with each other and i couldn't help but notice that we are the only ones with girls on both sides of our families. clearly, it was meant to be...we had to have three to help balance out all the loud rowdiness and destruction that comes with the said boys. lol. i love it. the food was again delicious and overall, i'd have to say it was one wonderful thanksgiving. hope you and yours enjoyed it as well! xoxo