Friday, November 16, 2012

twilight: breaking dawn 2

thanks to, i headed out for a fun girls night in honor of the final twilight series: breaking dawn 2. we ordered tickets through their website and arrived early at the movie theater where we enjoyed swag bags full of goodies draping over our seats as we were served doughnuts, coffee, and ice cream with toppings. door prizes were raffled away and much thanks to selena for winning the "team renesmee" bib and giving it to me for baby jemma. she wears it proudly. last, but certainly not least...the movie was AWESOME!!! seriously. i enjoyed the twist at the end that varied from the book which says a lot because i usually get disappointed when endings change. in my opinion, it was brilliant and made up for the usual slow and cheesy moments in the beginning. bravo, bravo, bravo!!


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

Where did you find the team renesme bib? I love it!!

Kim said...

anne- selena won the bib in a raffle and gave it to me for jemma...i'm not exactly sure who made it though. :)