Sunday, December 23, 2012

abby, our artist

abby's nativity drawing was chosen as one of the winners for her class at school. she was given a small monetary prize by the knights of columbus in the parish hall after the 8:00am mass on sunday.  there was also a brief live nativity with refreshments served. we enjoyed our morning and are so proud of our little artist. abby's nativity scene is the one that is located right above her head in the picture below...
this post also reminds me that i never documented abby's last printmaking picture that won first place for her school in the diocesan art show. i took pictures, but somehow forgot to blog it. bad mommy. we all know if it didn't make it into this blog book (aka, mommy's electronic scrapbook), it didn't happen...and well, this one is kinda a big deal. daddy has been displaying her artwork at his office for over a year now and much thanks to tita karmie for getting it framed for her. i love how creative she got to actually turn the stamp prints of the blocks into an actual picture. she was the only one in her class who decided to do this. i'm a bit biased i know, but her castle is absolutely beautiful to me. good job, abby bug!