Monday, December 24, 2012

elfcapades 2012

this year since the girls' original elf (elvis) has been quietly resting in storage, he sent his lovely wife (elise) to come stir up some shenanigans while we stay at lola and pawpaw's house. elise the elf's first intro was forming a "hi" out of baby jemma's diapers. most mornings, elise was caught doing something silly such as dancing to the "YMCA" with friends, bungee jumping with a slinky, trying on the girls hairbows, getting into the candy bucket, bowling with solo cups, dressing up in barbie's wardrobe, decorating the stairs with the snowflakes that abby and lyla made while at school, roasting marshmallows, put all the stickers on the rubber ducky and herself, was caught with her arms around justin beiber as they cruised around in the pink car, and after a week of good behavior, elise the elf surprised the girls with their own miniature snow globes. they were so excited and looked forward to all of the elfcapades...