Thursday, February 14, 2013

RB pinterest party

since we've moved into our new neighborhood, i have attended several gatherings were all the neighbors get to know each other better. usually these are moms night outs hosted at the clubhouse or bunco at someone else's home. believe it or not, i have not been lugging my camera around to take pics like i usually do...i guess since i'm "new," i'd rather get to know everyone first...whether or not my camera comes out later at these functions is a different story. lol. but so far, everyone i have met has been super friendly, unique, and fun. anywho, so i attended a pinterest party where everyone brought a dish that they found the recipe on pinterest and we all got to make a valentine's craft with burlap for a banner. it turned out really cute. i loves it. here's a quick pic i took on my cell phone...