Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"the two swifts"

this year abby and her BFA isabelle wanted to sing a song for the school's talent show. they chose taylor swift's "never getting back together" song because let's be honest, they know every single word and sing it quite often. did i mention they had appropriate hand motions to go with the chorus and practiced religiously for their teacher and classmates at recess? yeah, they were serious about this fun event. apparently, everyone loves t. swift because many of her songs were played that night.

the night came and the girls went up on stage and sang their little hearts out. they did great and we were so proud. i believe i was more nervous for them because the parish hall was packed. lyla sat with her friend evy in front of me as i helped patrol the kid pit. they really enjoyed watching the older children as well as everyone else. we are so proud of you guys, abby and belle. ya'll were awesome. congrats to all participants in this year's talent show...we really enjoyed the entertainment. here are some pics...