Saturday, March 16, 2013

ross bridge ladies night out!!

so our neighborhood has it's own private page on facebook where the community shares info and chats daily. i love it and check the page religiously. if someone loses a dog, neighbors are all out helping look for it. if there's cops patrolling the parkway for speeders, we are aware and obey the limits. selling home decor for dirt cheap? sure, i'll buy it! new restaurant in the 'hood...what are they like? anybody know a good repairman, babysitter, nearby MDO program? so on and so forth. it's amazeballs. this place can't be any more convenient for us.

so apparently being the newbie that i am, i'm scoping around and someone asks if our section would like to host the next ladies night out. i think to myself, "well this is a great opportunity to meet some of my neighbors" so i chime in and say i would love to. thankfully, a couple other ladies jump in and help me as i have no idea what it entailed. i definitely couldn't have done it without them and am so grateful. we all met over a couple of lunches and came up with a fun st. patty's day wine tasting theme. it was such a success and i really enjoyed getting to meet everyone. again, thanks for helping co-host such a fun ladies night out to kara, carol, and ladies rock!! here are some pics...