Friday, May 10, 2013

abby's end of the year field trip

abby's last field trip for first grade was a fun excursion to the birmingham zoo where her and her classmates got to venture around to the different exhibits. they had the chance to walk through the butterfly encounter where they watched as butterflies emerged through their chrysalis just as they have learned inside their classroom. later, we all carpooled back to the park across from the school where we enjoyed a picnic lunch and let the kids play at the playground. from there, we all walked back over to the prayer garden at school where each classmate had the opportunity to release their own butterfly that they have been watching grow for the past couple of weeks. the look on abby's face was priceless. she was in such awe as her butterfly rested on her hand before flying away. all in all, it was a wonderful field trip and i'm so glad i got to share it with her. here are some pics...