Tuesday, June 11, 2013

mandy's send off dinner

a dear friend who i met nearly 5-6 years ago from our moms group is moving to augusta, georgia. it seems our group keeps getting smaller and smaller since everyone is relocating due to jobs, families, and the such. this makes me so sad because each lady has meant so much to me and brings a great quality and dynamic to the group. well this time, we had a send off dinner for mandy who leaves very very soon. it's bittersweet really as she is excited to start a new adventure, but worries about the transition for the kids since they are a bit older now and have found their "niche" so to speak...it's something all mothers worry about. i wish you well, mandy. i know you guys will adjust just fine and we can't wait to visit once everything settles down. we're gonna miss you guys!! xoxo