Monday, June 17, 2013

skyping with auntie jess

auntie jess has safely returned from her mission trip to africa and skyped us and the girls with tales of her adventures. the girls were so excited to see her and talk to her. sweet jemma even accidentally tee-teed on the couch when she first saw her on the computer screen...she's like a little puppy when she gets overly excited. #pottytrainingwoes

anywho, it was over two hours of great conversation and then abby read a bedtime story which was later reciprocated by auntie jess as she read one to the girls as well. she also played "peek-a-boo" with jemma and gave everyone goodnight kisses. it was so incredibly sweet. it was so good to hear and see you, auntie jess. can't wait for our next skype session, we love you! xoxo