Thursday, June 13, 2013

summer nights

pizza at the pool. in my book that takes care of dinner and baths all at the same time. #twobirdsonestone #iheartsummer
the last pic is one of jemma's favorite things to do while at the pool or splash pad...she'll get her bottom all wet then run to a dry spot on the floor, bend over, and try to catch the water falling off her bum-bum. it's the cutest thing to watch her do this repeatedly. on a different note, lyla is becoming a better swimmer. she'll swim under water as jay backs up a little bit more with each try. we let her swim around without her puddle jumper when both jay and i are there, however, when it's just me taking them during the day i make her wear it. it worries me to death when i have three kids in all three different directions and i'm trying my best to watch them like a hawk...especially when jemma goes from the baby pool to the splash pad to the big pool. believe me, i'm a helicopter mom when it comes to the pool and i'm not ashamed to admit it. it's not so relaxing when they're at this age...not until daddy comes to help tag team after work. he loves going and we both want them to be good swimmers. that's why the summer nights at the pool are the best.


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

I am a helicopter mom at the pool too!