Saturday, June 29, 2013

tita karmie & lylie's special day

after some super cute and persistent begging from lyla, tita karmie took her out for their special day together. they swam at cousin grant's birthday party (will blog that event after i get the pics), and then headed to the zoo where they fed the lorikeets. they walked around to all the animals as lylie claimed that the zebras were her favorite. after the zoo, they headed to the galleria. lylie got to make and pick out her own legos. she made a female ice skater that is holding a popsicle. it's adorbs.  afterwards they decided to ride the carousel, but much to their disappointment it was gone. rumors are that it was taken away for repairs. they decided to eat dinner instead and enjoy some yummy cookies from the great american cookie company. all in all, lylie had a wonderful day with her tita karmie. here are some pics...