Saturday, July 13, 2013

abby's 7th birthday party!

abby's birthday party was scheduled to be at our neighborhood pool however the week of, we were notified that they accidentally double booked the pavilion and we were S.O.L. nice, right? we thought so. after an emergency parental lunch meeting, jay and i agreed that booking a room at the resort behind our house would be a better idea. we've had neighborhood friends rave about it, plus we receive an awesome discount since we're residents. not to mention their pool has one heck of a water slide. plus, it'd be something "different" for the girls to enjoy.

the birthday girl begged for a "rock star" theme and picked out her own decorations. we even trashed the hotel room with streamers and such in true rock star fashion. abby and her friends played all night at the pool where they ate pizza and watched a movie (thanks to camp kilt that was going on during the weekend, score!) while still swimming around. later, we all came back up to our room where we sang "happy birthday" to abby, ate cake, opened presents, and let the girls play before falling fast asleep. stacy, jenn, cindy, and becca helped me watch the girls throughout the entire night as we slept in the adjoining room beside them with the door open. everything turned out better than i ever expected. this was definitely the easiest "less fuss, more fun" party we've ever done...i didn't even have to clean my house, wash the bedsheets, or make the party food and decor. abby said that it was her "best birthday party yet" that's what it's all about!! happy happy birthday, abby...we love you to the moon and back!! xoxo