Friday, July 19, 2013

abby's birthday surprise from tita karmie

tita karmie had a last minute surprise for our birthday girl...a weekend beach trip with her, lola, and pawpaw. abby was so excited since she absolutely loves the beach. pawpaw made her a huge birthday breakfast with all her favorites, and they watched the new disney "teen beach movie" that she has been counting down to watch all week. they also played on the beach and swam in the pool, rode go karts together and other fun amusement rides, then tita karmie took her shopping where she got to pick out some fun new things.  here are some pics...
overall, abby's most favorite new thing is her first pet...a hermit crab. she told me that her real name is "hailey" but her nickname is "crabby." abby and her sisters love to watch crabby and gave me the 411 on what she eats, how she sleeps, and how she plays at night. apparently, this easy peasy crustacean, a mood ring that has her name on it, and a neon yellow sundress she picked out are what she really likes. we're so glad that she had such a fun time. thank you, tita karmie! the mabster loves you!! xoxo