Thursday, July 11, 2013

ross bridge moms night out

our monthly MNO started with dinner and drinks at villagio's (the new neighborhood restaurant) and ended with one awesome golf cart tour that showed us every nook and cranny of RB. for example, rebecca lead us to each and every trail, tunnel, park, pool, green space, and secret hidden gems within each section of our community. she even made super cute "survival kits" for the copilots which consisted of a map, glow sticks, and bubblegum. i learned so much new stuff about my surroundings that i couldn't wait to go home and share them with the hubs. apparently, there are adventures everywhere around here! i rode with lindsay, shanisty, and melissa as we laughed the whole time while praying that her golf cart wouldn't die on us. SO.MUCH.FUN. here are some pics (sorry they are poor quality. i kinda grabbed them from a friend off facebook)...