Friday, August 30, 2013

wait for it...wait for it...

i'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!
(this is my attempt of breaking my horrendous blogging hiatus...shame on me for being gone nearly 8 months.)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

fun with the schweikhers

while the moms were away at the beach for our annual quick weekend getaway, the dads and kiddos got together too...

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

5th annual moms group beach trip!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

abby's first tests scores

now that abby is in 2nd grade, she receives real letter grades along with weekly tests and daily homework. a red folder is sent home every friday for us to sign and check up on her progress. she reads, studies, and works so hard every single night and we hope that her love for learning continues as she grows older. so proud of you, abby bug! keep up the good work!

Monday, August 19, 2013

fun at the train park

while big sisters were at school, jemma and brayden had a fun play date at our neighborhood train park. it was so cute to watch them play together...they would collect and share rocks, follow each other on the trails, and occasionally bicker over who was driving the train first...ya know, the usual toddler situations that come along in life. all in all, they had a great time on a beautiful day! here are some pics...

Saturday, August 17, 2013

lyla's 5th birthday party!!

lyla celebrated her fifth birthday with a "princesses and pirates" themed party at storyville station in vestavia. her friends got to pick out their own fun costume to wear and princess lyla got to sit in her throne at the head of the long table. everyone got to color on the table, eat candy, pick out temporary tattoos, tell stories, and then go on an adventure down the spiral slide that was located behind the hidden bookcase. once everyone arrived in a land far far away, they played games, hula-hooped, sang songs, and limbo-ed. everyone was having so much fun! later, everyone moved back upstairs for a cute slideshow of pics that were taken throughout the party and then we all sang happy birthday to our special girl. we love you so much, lyla bug! happy happy 5th birthday!! xoxo

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

happy happy 5th birthday, lyla!!

lyla turned five on the second day of school and boy, was she beyond excited! she said that she walked into her classroom where ms. P had a birthday crown and sticker with her name on it. there was even a big smiley face on her chair. she got to be the line leader for the day and picked helpers too. she passed out a small surprise for each classmate in honor of her special day and received big hugs from her friends. these were all the things i was told as soon as she jumped into the car after waiting in the carpool line. as a mother, this is my favorite time of the day...the drive home where i get to hear about all the interesting things that happened...
there was an early dismissal during the first two school days which was a good thing since it eased them into their new routine. obviously starting back at school being a birthday girl is exhausting because lyla fell asleep shortly after coming home. if you look close enough, you will see a drool spot...
once jay arrived home after work, we took our birthday girl to where ever she requested. we gave her many different options and she excitedly chose to head to the galleria and ride the new carousel. she was so disappointed the last time she went with tita karmie when they both realized it was taken away for a new paint job. now it is as beautiful and colorful as ever. after riding the carousel, we ate chick-fil-a in the food court and lyla picked out a yummy pink icing covered cookie cake (her favorite) for dinner and dessert. both were her wishes. later, we let her walk around and pick out her birthday present. all in all, she had a very special day. happy happy 5th birthday, lyla bug!! we love you! xoxo
(disclaimer: i just wanted to include this last pic because it makes me chuckle to myself. i took it while the carousel first started going round and shows how jemma was not so sure as to what was going on...jay is trying to talk it up, ease her fears, and point to the fun lights around her...lyla is in the back in her own little world...while abby is (like always) hamming it up for the camera and waving. ahhhh, i love these people...

Monday, August 12, 2013

first day of school!!

our sweet lyla started kindergarten today and it was such a bittersweet moment for us. can't believe how fast they are growing and now we have two in real "big girl" school. i was so excited for her though because i knew she was ready. in fact, she was more ready than i was pretty comical as i lingered around her classroom and told her "goodbye" about 3 different times. she just looked at me like, "okay mom, you can go now..." as she started coloring the sheet in front of her. it was somewhat of a proud embarrassing mommy moment for me. lol. 

as for abby, it was her first day of second grade and she was most excited about being able to wear shorts instead of a skirt this year. i've just never thought to buy her a pair until a friend passed some down to us. it's all she wants to wear now even though per her words, "i look like the boys, but i don't care." she has stated that she loves science this year because the labs are so much fun. i hope they both share a love for learning and try to tell them often that "being a nerd is cool." :) here are some pics...