Monday, August 12, 2013

first day of school!!

our sweet lyla started kindergarten today and it was such a bittersweet moment for us. can't believe how fast they are growing and now we have two in real "big girl" school. i was so excited for her though because i knew she was ready. in fact, she was more ready than i was pretty comical as i lingered around her classroom and told her "goodbye" about 3 different times. she just looked at me like, "okay mom, you can go now..." as she started coloring the sheet in front of her. it was somewhat of a proud embarrassing mommy moment for me. lol. 

as for abby, it was her first day of second grade and she was most excited about being able to wear shorts instead of a skirt this year. i've just never thought to buy her a pair until a friend passed some down to us. it's all she wants to wear now even though per her words, "i look like the boys, but i don't care." she has stated that she loves science this year because the labs are so much fun. i hope they both share a love for learning and try to tell them often that "being a nerd is cool." :) here are some pics...