Saturday, August 17, 2013

lyla's 5th birthday party!!

lyla celebrated her fifth birthday with a "princesses and pirates" themed party at storyville station in vestavia. her friends got to pick out their own fun costume to wear and princess lyla got to sit in her throne at the head of the long table. everyone got to color on the table, eat candy, pick out temporary tattoos, tell stories, and then go on an adventure down the spiral slide that was located behind the hidden bookcase. once everyone arrived in a land far far away, they played games, hula-hooped, sang songs, and limbo-ed. everyone was having so much fun! later, everyone moved back upstairs for a cute slideshow of pics that were taken throughout the party and then we all sang happy birthday to our special girl. we love you so much, lyla bug! happy happy 5th birthday!! xoxo