Friday, August 2, 2013

matchbox twenty and goo goo dolls concert

jay and i had a hot date night planned for friday night. he bought us tickets to the matchbox twenty/goo goo dolls concert, and i'm not even slightly kidding when i say i have been looking forward to this night for...FOR-EV-ER (insert sandlot voice here). my inner high school self was giddy as all get out. i have absolutely adored these two bands for...FOR-EV-ER. every song hits a heart string for me. i am putty in rob thomas' hands. we danced. we sang along. we reminisced about some of the older songs and were still able to remember every lyric. it was a musical blast from the past. i have seriously been listening to both bands nonstop on spotify now. okay, i'm just rambling at this point. but the night was fantastic. it made me love my husband that much more, lol...thank you, jaydoug for buying us tickets. i love you like a fat baby loves cake.